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Author [ANON]
Title Een Oorlog trok over Rotterdam / A War Drew Over Rotterdam 10-14 Mei 1940 A photographic record of the Blitz of Rotterdam.
Stock Code 1969
Dates 1945
Published Rotterdam
Description A wonderful photographic tribute to the people of Rotterdam. This leather-bound album contains over 140 original photographs of Rotterdam before, during, and after the German blitz bombing of the 14th May 1940. Full green leather with the crest of the city of Rotterdam to the front cover. A frontis photograph shows a memorial to the fallen of the blitz. This would seem to place this photograph in circa 1945 - but despite finding postcards and online images, this would seem to have been a temporary memorial pending a permanent one. A title page, shows a ruined church - with the title ‘Een oorlog trok over Rotterdam 10-14 Mei 1940.’ (all titles and ornamentation has been done with a dark graphite pencil). There are then several large photographs of the docks before the war. The last of these is a beautiful shot of the bridge with the imposing Witte building across the Maas. The following large photograph shows the Witte building standing amidst the smoke and flames, whilst the buildings around it are consumed by fire. A further 15 smaller photographs show smoke and burning buildings throughout the city. Three fascinating photographs follow. The first shows the SS Statendam before the war - following by the flagship ablaze, and finally as a burnt out hulk. The Statendam had the misfortune to be docked in the port when the Germans invaded. They occupied it and set up guns upon it during the invasion, and during a firefight with the Dutch army, it caught fire and was destroyed. The rest of the photographs show buildings, streets and churches before and after the blitz. The photographer was obviously a keen architectural photographer at the time Most of the photographs show a ‘before and after’ Nearly always from the same point and angle. It seems that after the blitz, he re-visited his previous subjects, to give the two perspectives and to make a unique record. Towards the end of the volume, are a small number of photographs showing the clear up of the damage and debris (including an ‘action shot’ of one building caught in the act of falling). This is a wonderful and unique documentary record of the blitz of Rotterdam. 139 original photographs (plus another few loose in an envelope). These are in three sizes. Large - (24cm W X 18cm H), Medium (17 cm W X 10cm H) and small (14cm W X 8cm H). Most are large or medium. The album itself is 35cm H x 25cm W.
Note The Germans invaded the Netherlands on the 10th May 1940. Following fierce resistance within Rotterdam, they were unable to secure the centre of the city. Despite giving time for an ultimatum prior to a surrender, at 13.20 on the 14th May, a blitz of the residential parts of the city began. 117 bombers destroyed 25,000 buildings, and almost 900 people were killed.
Edition First Edition
Condition The leather to the spine of the photograph album has faded, and there is a little bumping to the corners, but overall in good clean condition. Inside, the pages have a touch of handling to the edges, but the photographs and tissue guards are clean and bright. A few of the pages of the album have become detached (or are in the process of doing so) but could be neatly repaired.
Binding Full-Leather
Price £4800.00

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