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Title Opinions of the Press, Letters and Other Documents of the Late Oscott Trial [Fitzgerald v Northcote]. WITH Letter[s] to the Parents and Guardians of the Students of Oscott. [Not Published].
Stock Code 1942
Dates 1866
Published Birmingham: M Maher & Sons Printers
Description Two first edition pamphlets. 8vo. These are dealing with a collection of letters about, and the press reporting of, the trial Fitzgerald v. Northcote. This was tried at the Court of the Queen’s Bench on 5th, 6th & 7th Feb. 1866. The case centred on the action for damages brought by David Fitzgerad, eldest son of Judge Fitzgerald, one of the Judges who presided over the Fenian trials in Ireland. The action was against the Very Rev. Dr Northcote, Principal of Oscott College near Birmingham, and one of his assistants, for imprisoning young Fitzgerald for two hours in his room, and expelling him from the College without adequate cause. He was charged with bringing spirits into the College, encouraging other students to join him in pistol shooting and drinking in local Public Houses. During the trial, it emerged that he had established a society in the College with the purpose of ridiculing all the boys whose parents were engaged in trade and commerce. The jury found in favour of Fitzgerald. The second pamphlet ‘Letter[s] to the Parents and Guardian’ is a ‘correct report of the proceedings in the late action brought against this College by Mr Justice Fitzgerald. The principal letter is from Northcote himself, in which he defends himself and the College. The case illustrates the social hierarchy prevalent in mid Victorian Britain. The pamphlets were seemingly printed in very small numbers for distributions amongst those connected with the college only. Copac does not trace any copies.
Bibliography [1],2-40., [1], 2-8 pp.
Condition Both pamphlets, contents clean and bright with recent paper wrappers.
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